if it were flat, it would be a boulevard

so, there is a long road running along the end of my little street. . .

it has huge London Plane Trees (I do so love London Plane Trees!) either side and wide pavements full with people sitting at cafes chatting, strolling along purposefully, wandering around aimlessly, some just stand and watch the world go by

I think it must be a Roman Road, so long and so straight is it

it is an "Avenue", in the oldest sense of the word; if this were Paris it would be a boulevard and it would be flat and to the sides of the pavements would be gravel; because this is London Town, it goes up a hill (or, I suppose, down a hill) (kinda depends which direction you are travelling in); at the top is Nothing Hill Gate, which presumably means* that in times past there actually was a gate of sorts (there is no gate anymore)

*I shall look into this and report back when I have learned what there is to learn about the Avenue and the Gate

if you take the time to stop and stand back and look (as opposed to being aimless or purposeful) it really is quite stunning


Mel said...

Wow..sounds posh and lovely and peaceful, even with the cafes and people wandering aimlessly. Boulevards here have trees dividing the lanes for traffic. And they're gorgeous. I used to live on a boulevard. I work on a boulevard, come to think of it.
And yes--there are trees. Big, lovely oak trees. NOT to be compared with the trees you have, but majestic in their own sort of way.

english inukshuk said...

oh, Mel, I'd rather have an oak tree anyday (-: