I've had many times, I can tell you, times when innocence I'd trade for company
my children see me crying: I thought I'd had my share of that
these miss you nights are the longest

midnight diamonds stud my heaven, southward burning like lost jewels I can't replace
and the warm winds that embrace me, just as surely kiss your face
these miss you nights are the longest 

how I miss you, I'm not likely to tell

I'm alone and cold day light buys the pride I'd rather sell 

all my secrets are wasted affairs - you know them well 

thinking of my going, how to cut the thread and leave it all behind 
but these miss you nights are the longest 

lay down all thought of your surrender, it's only me who's killing time
lay down all dreams and themes once remembered, it's just the same 

this miss you game 

these miss you nights

are the longest


Rimshot said...

Cliff Richard?

Rimshot said...

ooo, I quite like Art Garfunkel's version.

english inukshuk said...

I am slightly horrifed to admit that it's Sir Cliff's (take a look at a semi naked octogenrian's 2012 calendar to see how horrific) (but he does do "breathy" quite well. . .)

not familiar with Mr G's version, altho I do understand that a fairly successful Irish boy band sang it too. . .

but, one must stay true to one's first love (and in that case, it's Cliff's song that does it for me)


english inukshuk said...

(not that I was ever a huge fanof Cliff, you must understand!)

Mel said...

Okayokay.....I'll have a listen to both or all. But the lyrics are painfully sad.

Just sayin'......

english inukshuk said...


painful and sad

this is the problem with having a heart that can't be guarded. . .

and, I guess that if a heart feels sadness and pain it can also feel happiness and joy

when happiness and joy abound)

english inukshuk said...

(I do smile sometimes)


Zig said...

well that was jolly!

I never realised it was Cliff!

Mel said...

Okay...I've decided I rather like the Cliff guy's version.

And yep--you're right. Painful and sad happens to a heart. And yes, so does joy and serenity and peace. You get the whole array. The only difference I see is the lie that you tell yourself and the price of that lie on your lifetime. You always find yourself wondering.
I like not having to wonder, yaknow?

Mel said...

Happy Happy Joyful Christmas to you and yours, dearheart.

I do hope the holiday brings you a great abundance of joy!

((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

mig bardsley said...

I never realised it was Cliff either. But I'm hopeless at lyrics.
Happy Christmas dear Inukshuk.

Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))

We're on the Eve--and I stopped in for a spot of coffee and a hug.

Happy New Years, dearheart.
Be safe and stay well, eh?

And more tunes......always more tunes! ;-)
And pretty cupcakes.
Even if I can't indulge, they're eye candy! :-D

dinahmow said...

damn' blogger kept eating my comments last week
New Year, new attempt...here goes...
Yes, I figured it was Harry Webb on vocals.
I hope your Xmas was good and I hope your coming year will be a blinder.

dinahmow said...

Should I explain, for Mel, that the English say "blinder" to mean brilliant, very good.Not shades on a horse's eyes to make it run straight.

Mel said...


And now I know what 'blinder' means--thanks to dinahmow. Though I do believe that he-who-sleeps-in is the indebted one. *laughing* Save him from having an early awakening courtesy of my inquisitive brain.
Well, that and I like to torment him.

I don't suppose I can simply add the 'ing' to blinder and say my jammies are blinding! :-/
They are sorta--someone thought I wanted really LOUD coloured jammies with penguins for the wearing.
WOW is that green blinding!

Yes, I know--I've butchered the use of that one!

mig bardsley said...

Oh and wishing you a good, happy, peaceful, contented New Year as well!

(Liking the sound of the jammies Mel)

Mel said...

Oh--every once in a while it's good to just sit and BE with the hamster.

I'm kinda weird like that.
Though.......a good cuppa coffee and a cookie would make it MOST excellent!

Mel said...

Well, it pretended it was spring for a couple days....and then did a 'JUST KIDDING' blast of arctic air.

<-- has blankie
<-- remains indoors where it's warm
<-- doesn't give a ******* if the car starts at this point in time LOL

Mel said...

Wednesday's are good days! Did ya know that. Hump day--and there's been a few of those to get past. But they are passed and we're into a new day. Horatio was ecstatic to see me and tap danced his little heart out for one morsel of food.
No worries--I rewarded him with all that's allowed! He's just too cute.
He's also going to need to diet if this keeps up! LOL

english inukshuk said...

you're very good at the feeding and playing with Horatio, Ms Mel

thanking you kindly, ma'am

see, I was away! if you hadn't fed him, he'd have surely starved. . .

the photo is the sunrise that greeted me at my window on the first morning of awayness. . .

. . .but now I'm back

I don't see the sunrise from my window - but I have such memories of the view

which I liked


hoping you're all well


Mel said...


In the midst of the winter drabs and the housebound purple, this was a sight for sore eyes. It's gorgeous, ohmygosh.
The sunrises alone would have made the time away special. Add in the rest of the scenery--I'll hope you've returned relaxed, rested, replenished and renewed.
Horatio was a very good little hamster in your absence, btw. I shall give him a treat as a reward.
And it won't require tap dancing! :-)
Welcome back!

Mel said...

Oh yes.......another cloudy day here, so no sunrise watching for me. Silly clouds. :-/ Ah well, I have yours to stare at and dream by. What a lovely way to begin your awayness--I do hope the trip was filled with the hope and promise this one gifted you with.
Oh....and snow--I'm betting where you were had none, but I hear tell you have it now.
k.....maybe I'm the only one who goes "YEAH" to snow..LOL

Mel said...

Happy whateverdayitis....

Happens when you're not really dividing the days into some category, I guess. LOL It's not all bad--yesterday he-who-does-it-all commented that it was 'nice' to have me home.
Me.......NICE to have home.
HA. He has short term memory issues, obviously. LOL

Mel said...

Oh yes.....an ice storm.
Great fun. :-/

I'm thinking I can kiss my awesome sunrise goodbye. But I can hope for a sunset maybe? If not, there's this beauty of a photo to dream with.

Oh, but the world will turn sparkley when the sun does work it's way through the clouds.
And you have snow! :-) Or did.
I'm hoping snowangels happened!