extra ordinary?

a while ago my little brother and I were exchanging emails (doesn't happen often)

he told me he had done something "quite extraordinary" (but wouldn't tell me what)

. . .he gave me a hint (after a little sibling pester power)

. . .I guessed (I'm like that)

here it is (well, part of it):
(if you do want to know more, and I'm not saying you do, google "Dubai 360 photograph HIPA" and click on one of the news channels)


Mel said...


So now I google!
Though--the photo alone is just too awesome!


Mel said...


That.....is phenomenal! He oughta be well proud of that one. I'm gonna be playing forEVER! Seriously....that's extremely cool.
Well.....was until I looked straight down.

<-- exiting to go play some more!
Some of those building have Lego tops yaknow! :-)
And there are trains and boats and STUFF!!
MOST excellent!
Seriously so...

english inukshuk said...

clever, huh! and I think OMG is how his wife refers to his spending on cameras and computer power (-;

Mel said...

Well, undoubtedly THAT, too. Thinkin' it's a bit more 'technical' than my 'point, shoot, repeat' camera deal. I can imagine the price tag on doing this one. Or maybe I don't wanna. LOL

Did you SEE how far up that is?
I had to laugh at the pigeon bit.

OHmygosh--thinking this is the only way I'd be allowed this view. Not that I wouldn't go up, given the chance--but Dubai just isn't on my list of places to visit any time soon. LOL

mig bardsley said...

Wow! That's really fantastic. I spent ages trying to work out where the spire had gone! You can see its shadow! Very clever indeed.

Mel said...

Oh, I found the shadow! :-)

And I fed the hamster!
Poor thing.....he was hungry!

Mel said...

Happy Friday, ma'am.
Stopped in for the cuppa coffee and treats that I know are here somewhere. I favored the pretty cupcakes all decorated with sprinkles and glitter. I was thinking--penguin cupcake! :-)
There's a 'bad day' for penguin cupcakes?!
I think not! ;-)
Happy Almost Weekend.

Mel said...

And a happy Sweethearts Day to you, ma'am.
I'm hoping you fill it with candies and cupcakes and sweet treats of the delightful type.
:-/ Which means--indulge cuz I don't GET to.
Oh, but I will get gluten free pancakes--heart shaped, I'm sure!

Mel said...

Yup--just dropping in to feed the Horatio and send greetings to you and yours. Bit of the white stuff AGAIN over here--and not being able to get out there to make snow angels is a bummer. I offered! But when he tossed himself in front of the door and said NO with such conviction, I figured he meant it. LOL Darnitall....

Mel said...

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

Yaknow.....people wonder what you're up to when you're so silent! I'm going to believe you're out checking on the snowdrops, taking walks along the river and generally harassing the children (yikes....I say that loosely) in your life.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!
And it's not even Friday!! ;-)

Mel said...

JUST harassing! (seems I'm good at that)
And whining.....cuz it's "spring" and it's -1 and someone needs to have a SERIOUS chat with that groundhog.

Mel said...

(((( ILTV ))))))) Just thinking about you on a Friday.
I have an empty coffee cup. :-/

english inukshuk said...

ok, so, part of the problem is I can't even remember my pass word. . . the other part is that I've been poorly (including being ambulanced to A&E in the middle of the night). . . and the other part is my memory's going to pot

taling of pot (the ceramic kind, not any other kind) I'll fill you upmwith some fresh coffee, shall I? X

now, how do I get out of this box?!

english inukshuk said...

yeay! it worked

happy Friday, y'all


Mel said...

*sigh* Good grief......you soooooo need some sunshine and JOY. Thinking that means play--or a good trip to the seaside? For SURE play.
You poor thing...
(((((( ILTV ))))))))

The cup is always empty, ready for the filling. ANY day of the week, dontchaknow.

Mel said...


Yes, I'm greedy--I have a BIG cup.

Here's hoping you've found some sunlight and warmth....and play-time. *I* have a box of 48 different colours of chalks!
I also have a patio covered in snow.
OMG.....snow...in May...
BIGGER cup!!!!!!!!!

((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))